How to get FREE stuff online NO CATCH!! I will tell you how to get free stuff including: Jewelry, shampoo, condition, soap, toothpaste…

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17 Responses to How to get FREE stuff online NO CATCH!!


    and the stuff that u wanna get or try how do u get them?


    how do u know u did it rite when ur done with the severy and how long dose
    it take for them to sent it to u?? and like will it b in a box or something

  3. Meebles Sporella says:

    You don’t need to take any surveys for half the items I received! The only
    ones you need to take surveys for is to get a voxbox. Just trying to help
    other people out!

  4. Karastine nonyobuissness says:

    you said no catch bitch! you have do do all this shit in surveys!? fuck

  5. Jimich P says:

    y’all should go on this site you get like 1000points just for signing up

  6. Troy Carpenter says:

    Free party line number, 510-234-8101.

  7. Meebles Sporella says:

    1/2 the stuff you just give them the address as to where to send it to.
    Only Influenster and BZZAGENT you have to take surveys.

  8. Janice Garcia says:

    Do you have to pay for shipping and handeling?

  9. amber bundren says:

    What the site

  10. amilah b says:

    How long does these products normally take to get to your address?

  11. Stingwray Kris says:

    free stuff with points

  12. Meebles Sporella says:

    look in the description box above.

  13. Meebles Sporella says:

    NO POSTAGE! Or else it would not be free.

  14. Meebles Sporella says:

    It depends on the company. some take 5-7 days. While others take 4-6 weeks.
    I’ve received tons more things since this video such as full sized shampoo,
    razors, full size hair products, full size make-up, darts, coasters, etc.!

  15. Meebles Sporella says:

    NO! If I did it wouldn’t be free.

  16. reginenoel2004 says:

    But you had to do a lot of survey? I dont have time for that.

  17. filip0258 says:

    right I have to pay postage or not

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